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Kas, one of the most important cities of the world tourism is a district of Antalya. D 8,000 population centers. Villages with a total population of 50,000.

Antalya 200 km. away. The sea is a small summer resort is adjacent to the coast .. Just 3 miles from the Greek island of Meis. The area is completely covered with green shrubs community .. The temperature never falls below zero can not. Type Annual average humidity of 54%. West 160 km in Dalaman Airport. 200 km east of Antalya airport. d. Antalya-Korkuteli transport by road north-Apple-Kas is 200 km. Roads are asvalt. Unique cedar forests easily be seen in this route. The coastline from Antalya-Kemer-Finike-Kas is 200 km.

The blue of the Mediterranean, you can see during this trip the most beautiful examples of nature's greenery. Sea yacht tourism is important. Of all kinds can come and have a location or transportation can be provided.


What to Eat in Kas? : The Mediterranean diet is famous. In the region, fresh agricultural products in all seasons, is served daily. All kinds of meat dishes, seafood and fish soup is famous. Beekeeping and viticulture in the region has improved. Karakovan honey and pine honey, molasses are products that can be taken. The carob molasses made from carob that grows abundant in the region as özgüdür.balık indigenous to the region, '' Rock Sakori and Isgaroz 'Our advice

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• One of the important cities of the world tourism
• A district of Antalya
• A total population is 50.000 with villages
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